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How to size your finger

For all results, please refer to the ring size chart below to convert the size and do note that the wider band rings, do require a slightly bigger size than your reading - details for each rings size increment is within the description of each ring.

At Home

1.    Purchase the re-usable plastic UK or US Ring Multi-sizers we have for sale. Shop Ring Sizers

Wind it around the finger, including the knuckles.  The sizer should be fairly snug when going on and off the knuckles.

2.    If you have a ring that fits the desired finger

2a.  Measure the internal diameter from metal to metal in mm as precisely as you can.  Every 0.1mm will make a slight difference. 

2b.  Use a Ring Size Mandrel that can be purchased at an online marketplace and measure your ring on there.

NB:  Width of ring being measured - Ideally the ring being measured should be no more than 2-3mm band width.  If it is a wider ring, please contact us with your reading and the details of your own rings band width, so that we can calculate the size required for the ring you wish to purchase.  Usually on the mandrel, for the wider rings, you can take the lower size reading at the top of the band.

Professional Sizing

Visit a reputable jeweller and have your fingers sized professionally.  They usually use the metal rings on a bunch to determine the finger size.  Inform them of the ring you wish to purchase, so that they can account for the width of the band too, especially on wider band rings like the Spinner Rings.




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