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My Story

My name is Nayna Mistry and I am the founder and owner of Mistry Gems. In 2005, I left my stressful corporate career in Retail Buying and Merchandising within the Fashion Industry, and embarked on a 15 month spiritual journey to India, where I trained in various Holistic Stress Relieving Techniques such as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Crystal Healing and Massage. At the end of my journey, I decided to buy a small collection of healing gemstone silver jewellery to offer to my holistic clients back in the UK as a way for them to heal blocks identified in their energy centres after their healing sessions. Mistry Gems began in 2006 following this trip, and in 2007 we started expanding the collection and selling the jewellery online and at various events throughout the UK.


Ethos of Mistry Gems

The main objective of Mistry Gems is to offer for sale from a healing perspective, beautiful, ethically sourced, good quality and unique Semi Precious Gemstone Jewellery set in the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver.

How We Operate

Every year I visit my stone suppliers in Northern India. I have been working closely with these small family run businesses since 2007. I feel we operate ethically as I know exactly who is making the jewellery, where it is made, and the workers are being paid a fair wage. I am involved in the process from start to finish.

The gemstones are handpicked by me, with healing and quality in mind. Time is spent sifting through many bags of different gemstones in an attempt to discover the nice quality ones, which have good markings, great healing energies, and look and feel alive, as well as finding the rare gemstones. After selecting the stones, I spend many days creating unique designs for each and every gemstone. These are then set by the skilled jewellery artisans to create the individually crafted, bespoke jewellery designs you see on our site.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the store. Please do contact us if you have any queries or even wanting something that isn’t shown in the store, as we have many pieces not even photographed yet. sales@mistrygems.co.uk

Please also visit our Etsy store www.mistrygems.etsy.com where we have a large selection of other items too.

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